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What to do after completing +2 science?

In this blog, we’re covering to discuss the career opportunities for plus two science students who are wish for a career in the medical field. there are many opportunities in the medical field for which a student can start working out in the medical field after successfully finishing the course 

Opting for a career depends upon the interest of the student and what he or she wants to pursue as their career in the future. One can take up the mainstream medical or take up teaching. Apart, one can also go for research but that should be accounted for only if the student is interested in the particular subject. 

Subjects Similar to medicines, chemistry, and biology are needed for scholars planning to take up careers in pharmaceutical or dental studies, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, and agrarian and dairy wisdom. Options are also available in the paramedical and confederated fields similar as Nursing, Activity, Occupational remedy, Biology, Speech Therapy, Medical Lab Technology, Optometry, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, etc. 

Students with plus 2 science can hold up a medical career because there are hundreds of chances out there after their completion, admissions to these professional programs depend on the board guidelines, and there are options to continue and increase their knowledge in the particular field can go forB.Sc.( Bachelorette of Science) program of their choice of interest, which can be succeeded by Master’s degree(M.Sc.), Ph.D. and.Phil. tutoring is another option. 

There’s a serious issue in our nation, of wisdom students existing stigmatized with the enormous openings of concluding pharmaceutical or engineering as a career with huge pay, delighting life, further amusement, lower studies, and lower work as bait. The issue is there are multitudinous other ways in involving oneself with wisdom after plus two which further than half of the scholars are ignorant of learning courses. The fault is not exactly of the coaching foundations which do not train scholars to pursue any other field of sciences apart from medical and engineering but also of the structure that prevents scholars to pick up differently, and also the societal setout that encourages further to pursue medical or engineering as the only career choice. Thus scholars are not interested in mastering other chances which in unidentified facets are more rewarding 

Paramedical chances 

 Paramedical is a science that deals with the pre-medical center emergency favors and the person working in this field is called paramedics. These courses of Paramedical increase and support a doctor to complete their medical work. Health care is one of the fastest-growing fields in which most trained students are required to complete its day to day work. Without paramedic staff, any medical purpose can’t be fulfilled and they’re the starting point of any medical treatment. Due to the increase in environmental hazards which do further and more sickness, there’s rising demand for wellness staff in hospitals and nursing homes. There are various grade and certification courses acquirable for getting professed paramedics. It requires a person to complete their 10th class training for pursuing certification and for degree course it requires 12th class with medicines, chemistry, and biology with minimal 45 marks to get admission in good colleges. 

The list of Paramedical courses is

1. Paramedical diploma courses: are usually pursued after the 10th class.

2. Paramedical certificate course: These types, of course, can be pursued after class 10th or 12th.

3. Paramedical Bachelor degree courses: These types of courses can be pursued after 12th with physics, chemistry, and biology with min marks from a recognized board.


Admission to the various para-medical courses depends upon the course chosen And programs like diploma and certificate courses generally have a direct admission process for any eligible candidates and also have required marks in 10th or 12th examination in science can directly take admission into these courses and start the course 

Some of the Paramedical Courses that we provide are as follows 

MSc Optometry courses

What are the MSc Optometry courses? MSc Optometry courses are advanced degree courses that will take you through a range of subjects including visual development, perception, and ocular imaging. The course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to assess and diagnose patients. This course is for you if you are a graduate of an undergraduate course in Optometry or a related subject, and are interested in a career in clinical Optometry. You will learn about clinical skills, management of eye disease, contact lenses, and the management of vision problems. The MSc Optometry courses in Kerala are two-year courses that will teach you about a range of subjects. The course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to assess and diagnose patients.

Optometry diploma courses

Many optometry diploma courses are available for people who want to pursue a career in optometry. One of the most popular is the Optometry Diploma from the Academy of Professional Optometrists. This course is perfect for people who are interested in working with a wide range of optical products, as well as the fitting and dispensing eyeglasses and contact lenses. The  Optometry Diploma includes advanced studies in topics such as the evaluation of contact lens care, the application of contact lenses, and the diagnosis and management of eye diseases. The Optometry Diploma course in Kerala is an intense two-year program that will prepare students for the national certification exam. There are also advanced courses that allow students to specialize in areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, or sports vision.

BSc MLT course

There are many reasons to study to become a Medical Laboratory Technician. If you are interested in this field, you may want to consider how much money you can make, the types of jobs you will be able to get, and the lifestyle you will have. Medical Laboratory Technicians have an average salary, which is higher than the average salary for many other professions. This is a great job for someone who is looking for a secure career with a higher-than-average salary.  A  certified Medical Laboratory technician can work in a hospital, a private clinic, or a public health department. If they are interested can work in a research lab too. Medical Laboratory Technicians do not need a college degree, but many go on to get a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology. This degree is not required, but it does provide students with the skills they need to get a job as a Medical Laboratory Technician. 

As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you will be working with many different types of equipment. You will use your training to test blood, urine, and other fluids for the presence of bacteria, parasites, and other potential diseases. You will also be using the latest technology to help find the root cause of illness. You will be using techniques such as PCR and ELISA to test samples for the presence of viruses and bacteria. This is a rewarding career that is growing quickly. Medical Laboratory Technicians are in demand and there are plenty of opportunities to find work. With an average salary and the ability to work in a variety of settings, this is a great profession for someone who wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

BSc Nutrition and dietetics 

BSc Nutrition and dietetics is a course that includes food science, biology, and chemistry courses. It will give you a background in the science of food and nutrition. You will learn about the history of food, the importance of nutrition, and the body’s nutritional needs. You will also learn about the science of cooking and nutrition. This degree will give you a strong background in dietetics and a better understanding of food and nutrition.

Diploma in operation theatre technology

Graduates of this course will be qualified to work in an operating theatre. They will have an understanding of the principles of infection control and sterilization. They will also be able to assist with the preparation of surgical instruments and equipment. Graduates will be able to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. A diploma in OT technology is a good option to choose if you are not opting for a 3-year degree course.

Diploma in dialysis technology

The program is designed to provide graduates with the necessary skills to take the position of a technician in a dialysis center. The program includes classes in physiology, chemistry, mathematics, and nursing, and students also have the opportunity to work in a dialysis center for up to one year.

Course Duration

Certificate course1 year or 2 semesters
Diploma courses 2 years or 4 semesters
Bachelor’s degree course3 years or 6 semesters

The fee structure of various colleges varies according to the courses and infrastructure and exposure they provide.

I hope you got an idea to choose your career in which you can build your professional career.

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