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What is the scope of optometry Outside and inside India?

The scope for the optometry profession in India and abroad is great and has unlimited opportunities. It is a flexible and challenging career that could achieve personal growth, gain community respect, and offers a  job flexible nature, financial success, and various opportunities.

Optometry outside India is an optical practice that deals with the care and treatment of the eye, often in the form of a medical and surgical specialty. This field is global and is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The scope of optometry outside India is limited to countries that have diplomatic relations with India. These countries include Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Eye care is one of the biggest industries in the world, with the global market estimated at $115 billion in 2016. The optometry industry is one of the most popular and important, with over 80% of the world’s population wearing glasses. India is a major market for eye care products and services, with approximately 4 million optometrists. These statistics can give us a clear picture of its demand in India itself.

Optometry is a profession that deals with the management of vision, eye diseases, and visual impairment. This includes treatment of problems related to eye development and eye movement, as well as the effects of aging. Optometry also includes treatment of disorders of the cornea, eyelids, lacrimal system, eyelashes, eyebrow hair, and ear.

Optometrists naturally take pride in their achievements because of the international reputation of their profession.  Based on the optometry students’ strength, profession, and political influence of optometric training institutions (universities, private schools, commercial organizations, etc.) are many across the country to support and help future optometrists. In Kerala Rayhan college of optometry is very famous in the field of optometry, as they are considered the best college for learning optometry, they also provide internship opportunities and hands-on training to their students from their Hospital of optometry.

Bachelor of Optometry is a constantly demanding professional degree program in the field of optometry.  Rayhan college of optometry in Kerala also offers a BSc in optometry, an optometry diploma course, and MSc in optometry. Due to bad eating habits, nutrition deficiency, excessive usage of mobile phones & laptops, and some other medical issues, eye problems are increasing day by day in children, adults, and old people. That’s why the eye care specialist field is always in demand in this modern unhealthy society.

After completing a Bachelor of Optometry from Rayhan college in Kerala, a student can work as an Optometrist in Eye Care Hospitals and Clinics. As an Optometrist in Eyecare Hospitals, you will also be introduced to new learnings and new skills in your required field. After gaining good experience you can even start your own business or private practice clinic in our hometown. You can apply for companies that are dealing with vision care-related products. If you are interested in higher studies then you can apply for a master’s degree program or diploma certification program or doctorate program in the same college itself.


  1. Optometrist
  2. Vision Care Associate
  3. Optician
  4. Optometry researcher
  5. Optometry Professor in Colleges & Universities
  6. Private Practitioner

Optometry in India

Optometry in India today is going through some ups and downs.. but as the days are passing it is becoming more essential. It has settled its base and people are becoming more aware of the term OPTOMETRIST and its importance as compared to the past. OPTOMETRY was more prominent in South India as compared to North India, but that’s not the case now, even in north India it is making its way. OPTOMETRY is a growing field in India as well as abroad, especially in the countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, etc. It has huge scope in India now…in hospital jobs as consultant optometrists with good pay packages ( ranging for a fresher from 20000–40000), an optometrist can also start their own business in optical outlets ( manufacturers of contact lenses and glasses), they can work in Public health, can start their NGOs, can become a teacher or Assistant researchers.

What are the qualifications required to become an optometrist in India? 

After SSLC or 12th passing with Science base students can do a bachelor in OPTOMETRY. The best institute in Kerala is Rayhan college for optometry.

After B.optometry, a person can directly join a hospital and work as a consultant optometrist or opt for a Master’s in Optometry. The diploma in Optometry is not going to entertain anymore and you have to earn a degree of bachelor in OPTOMETRY with 3 years of college and 1 year of internship in renowned hospitals. Only this will be acceptable to get a Licensed practitioner and get a job. Also, the curriculum of institutions should be appropriate to meet the requirements and to enhance students’ practice. In the future, more optometrists are required in India because uncorrected refractive errors, glaucoma, cataract, and severe eye disease population is increasing.

It’s easy to become an optometrist in India, all you need is to complete a certain number of college degrees, a one-year training, and an exam.

An optometrist is a person who provides medical care and advice to patients who wear corrective lenses. An optometrist also provides an assessment of visual function and refraction. In India, an optometrist can become a doctor with a three-year degree in Optometry from an accredited university. The process for becoming an optometrist in India is the same as becoming a doctor in the United States.

The degree in Optometry is offered by the College of Optometry, Kerala. In addition, students must also complete a 3-year degree and a 1-year internship. In India, it takes about 4 years of undergraduate study and 2 years of post-graduate study to become an optometrist.

After qualifying Bachelor’s in optometry, students can work as an optometrist in opticians’ eye hospitals and clinics or they can work with companies that are dealing with vision care. After completing an internship and gaining experience in private clinics and lens manufacturing companies students can start their work.

They will become specialized in vision disorders like color blindness, low vision, vision therapy, Binocular vision, and refractive errors in case of presbyopia, etc. After completing the MSc in optometry an Optometrist can work as a faculty in various Paramedical colleges.

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