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How can I become an operation theatre technician?

To become an OT technician first of all you need to be eligible for the course with a plus two science stream, then you should look for the best Institute that offers the course and join them. Let’s look at them in detail.

When you want to be a part of a surgical team, you will need to become an operation theatre 

technician. These professionals work in the operating room and help with surgical procedures. They are responsible for the equipment and supplies needed for the procedure. They also work with the anaesthesiologist to ensure that everything is in order before the procedure starts.

An operation theatre technician (O.T. technician) is an individual who performs a variety of functions and duties within an operation theatre. These individuals work to ensure that the facility and equipment are in a state of optimal function and that it is in compliance with current regulations. They also work to ensure that the safety of patients, staff, and visitors is not compromised. Operating theatre technicians work in hospitals and private medical clinics to help doctors and nurses perform surgery, and assist patients before, during, and after their operations. They prepare the room, sterilize the tools, and take care of the patient before and after the procedure.

Whether you’re a doctor, anesthesiologist, dentist, nurse, technician or you just need to be a part of the surgical team, surgery is an area of medical practice that requires some pretty specialized training. Surgery is one of the most physically demanding and mentally demanding jobs in the world, and it’s also one of the most important. With several specializations and a wide range of training requirements, it can be difficult to know where to start your career. The best place to start is at the top – in a job like an operation theatre technician. An operation theatre technician is responsible for performing surgical operations and related tasks such as scrubbing, sterile preparation, and handling contaminated items.

Scope of the course 

High in demand

OT technicians are in great demand because When your operation needs to be done, you’ll want a technician to take care of it. operating theatre technicians, typically work in hospitals or nursing homes, and the operating room has greater demand. The operation theatre technician is a medical professional who assists in the operation, makes sure that it is going smoothly, and can help with any post-operative care.

Job diversify

Operation Theatre Technicians, sometimes called Operating Room Technicians, are responsible for the overall operational procedures of a surgical or medical procedure. This includes everything from sterilizing the instruments to disinfecting the environment and handling waste due to this, the job opportunities are spread wide in various hospitals in operating rooms.

Many high recruiters

The main benefit of the course is that there are many high recruiters like Apollo, and Baby to recruit the candidates who have completed at least a diploma or degree in Operation theatre technician course from a recognized group of institutions.

High rewarding and satisfying jobs

Another benefit of the course is that after the course completion the technicians will be placed in various hospital settings with high rewarding earnings and thus satisfying jobs.

From where do you complete the course?

The courses in operation theatre technician can be completed in several different places, depending on the student’s needs. Courses in operation theatre technician are available for those interested in a career in healthcare. The course is been offered by various medical colleges in Kerala like Rayhan college and teaches students about operation theatre, and the necessary skills to become an operation theatre technician. 

What do you learn during the course?

The diploma course in OT technician is designed for professionals who are already working in the field or for fresh students who want to make a career in the area. Operation Theatre Technology diploma course is been offered at Rayhan college in Kerala. This course is in high demand that will teach you how to safely and effectively run an operation theatre. It will also help you get into the profession of a theatre nurse.

  • The diploma provides learners with the knowledge and skills to perform a wide range of surgical procedures and treatments in the operating theatre.
  • The operation theatre technology diploma is a two-year degree that is aimed at people who are already working in the industry. 
  • The curriculum includes training in a variety of fields including anatomy, anesthesia, pathology, radiation, histology, and microbiology. The program also includes skills training in both traditional and advanced skills such as the use of imaging and surgical instruments. 
  • The course will teach students how to work with the medical equipment used in operating theatres, to be able to assist doctors during operations.
  • This course is designed to teach students about the operation theatre and the equipment and materials used in it. It also includes a strong practical component
  • The course is designed to develop skills in all areas of the operation theatre technician’s job, including the understanding of the procedures, basic skills in the use of equipment, understanding and working with patients, and the theory and practice of their profession

A course that is designed to prepare individuals for an operation theatre technician job. The education institutes for operation theatre technician course is designed for students to become qualified and skilled theatre technicians who can support in a variety of clinical settings, including surgery, diagnostic procedures, and emergency room. 


  • The course provides a foundation in principles of care, an understanding of the principles of practice, and an appreciation for the importance of maintaining a safe, clean and sterile environment. 
  • This course provides you with a professional qualification to operate in an operating theatre. 
  • This qualification will help you get work in a hospital or other healthcare facility.
  • The most important part of their training is their hands-on experience in the operating theatre. 
  • They gain a unique understanding of the art and science of medicine and surgery by learning alongside highly-trained surgeons and residents.

For those who think a DIploma in OT technology is a bad course.

A diploma in Operation Theatre Technology is not a bad course. It is a good course with various job positions with lots of opportunities and Satisfying salary packages. After the course, You can go for the job positions like- Teacher, Lecturer, Consultant, OT Technician, Associate Consultant, OT Assistant, Anaesthesia Consultant, Lab Technician, and many more. Your first earnings might range from 2 lakhs per annum, and they will eventually rise as you start gaining experience and knowledge in particular fields. Every profession has its benefits so avoid negative comments from people around you who demotivate you instead of supporting you. if you are good in your field you will succeed.

A diploma in OT technician is a certificate course. The duration of the course is 2 years. it teaches the responsibilities and duties of an Operational Theatre technician who works along with surgeons in the Operational Theatre. A surgical team includes: a surgeon, anesthesiologist, certified registered nurse anesthetist, operating room nurse, circulating nurse, physician assistant, surgical care, residents, medical representative, etc.

The credit always goes to the  Doctors and nurses for saving patients’ lives by performing operations. Yes, they do deserve the credit, But OT technicians, who are part of the team, also deserve the credit for helping them to perform the surgery in time. To get a job as an Operation Theater Technician you will require a degree to have a better career or at least a diploma.

You may try for the jobs by applying after a degree or diploma in the field as they will be hired soon as they will be aware of new knowledge and skills in the field.

I hope this blog has cleared most of your doubts related to a diploma in operation theatre technician course and colleges in Kerala that offer the course.

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